Outlook: Duplicates in Mailbox

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While there have been ways for us to be able to get rid of its duplicated stuff manually in all cases of duplication in Microsoft Outlook (a.k.a. listing them down and deleting them), there are actually ways of preventing further duplications from happening in your mailbox, which is where most of the activity usually lies.

This isn’t really a process, but rather a couple of things you want to check out and tweak if needed to get the desired effect:

1.Check the “Rules” menu and make sure that copies of your mail are not made to your inbox.
2.Open the task manager and make sure that only one outlook.exe is running.
3.Some people tried deleting their email accounts and recreated them – it worked most of the time.
4.Get service pack 2 if you’re working with Windows XP.
5.Some anti-viruses like Norton actually cause the resending of outgoing mail after they scan them, so you can set the anti-virus not to scan outgoing mail if you want.

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