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Written by MyComputerAid on Friday, July 4, 2008 22:57 - 0 Comments

VISTA: Disabling Thumbnail Display To Speed Up Windows Explorer

You can give a small performance boost to Vista by disabling thumbnails.  If you do a lot of work with images, thumbnail display may come in handy, but for the rest of us, it creates a drag on system resources.  Since each file has to read before a thumbnail is created, a lot of computing time and power is used up for this process.  Here’s the quick and easy way to turn it off:

1. Open Explorer (Windows key + E).
2. Click “Organize”
3. Click “Folder and Search Options”.
4. Click the “View” tab.
5. Check the box beside “Always shown icons, never thumbnails”.
6. Click on “OK”.

Article written by MyComputerAid.com

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