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Windows XP: Can I Change The Boot Screen?

When windows first begins to load, it will display a 16 color image.  If this image isn’t pleasing to you,
or if you’d like to replace it with a company logo, there is a process that can be followed.  Be
warned, Microsoft does not recommend changing your boot screen, and you will have to repeat the
process each time you upgrade, or install a service pack.

If you still want to replace your XP boot screen, you need to find a replacement image, or create your
own.  PaintShop Pro is and excellent image program, and can save the image in the required 16 color
pallette. These pallettes may be obtained from the Windows website.  Without using the appropriate
set of colors, your bootscreen will not display properly, if it displays at all.  Alternately, if you simply
want a blank screen during bootup, you may delete or rename the existing image file.  Download
PaintShop Pro here:

Since you can’t set the background image for XP in the system registry, you are going to need a
program, such as Resource Hacker.  This will allow you to edit ntoskrnl.exe (The windows kernal
file), and replace the bitmap resource with the one you want.  Be warned, though, that you must be
extremely careful when editing this file.  Having a backup copy available is good common sense.  You
can get Resource hacker here:

Complete instructions may be found here:

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Aug 22, 2008 6:17

Now here’s something I’m willing to try. I’ve tried an application before that does this but I always prefer doing something like this myself and not having to install an application. I’m bookmarking this for when I have more time. Hope it includes the XP exit screen as well.

Aug 24, 2008 1:33

I have done it earlier using Resource hacker, and possibly its one of the easiest way to change XP boot themes, But I have corrupted it many times and I had to restore back. So I must say try this with care. Changing login screen is easy to do :)

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