Basic Cisco ASA 5500 Configuration

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Basic ASA 5500 firewall configuration with NAT

As with all products, configuring is important in the initial setup of a new equipment, including switches, routers. and firewalls. The ASA 5500 configures itself automatically when using the ASDM. The procedure below outlines how to initially set up a ASA 5500 firewall.

ASA 5500 Configuration
1. Start the ASDM Launcher, this will be the software used in configuring the firewall.
2. Type in the IP address or the host name of the ASA to be configured
3. The Username and the Password fields should be left blank.
4. Click OK
5. If a warning appears and asks to accept a certificate, click yes and accept it
6. Now the ASA will automatically check and update software
7. The bottom of the window, the status bar, should say Device Configuration Loaded Successfully.
8. Now the ASA 5500 is configured to its most basic settings, the initial ones.

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