Cisco ASA firewall overview

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Cisco ASA Firewall overview

Cisco ASA firewalls are the newest technology in firewall solutions put out by Cisco, they are currently replacing PIX firewalls as well. ASA stands for Adaptive Security Appliances, being both a firewall and an anti-malware appliance. The ASA algorithm is not to be confused with stateful packet filtering, the adaptive security algorithm that PIX uses. ASA models represent the 5500 series and the Enterprise Edition includes four version; Firewall, IPS, Anti-X, and VPN. For small and midsize companies Cisco provides the Business Edition.

All five models of the ASA run software version 7.2.2 and the interface looks strikingly similar to the PIX one. An advantage ASA has over PIX is that even the basic ASA model has better performance than the basic PIX models. ASA can serve as an intrusion prevention system, or IPS. Furthermore, ASA is actually three devices in one, a firewall, a concentrator, and a sensor. Since ASA is replacing the PIX it is based upon the same format and runs much like PIX does. They have the same interface and much of the same features, except the ASA firewall has better performance and more functionality. ')}

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