CatOS basic show commands

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Basic show commands on a Cisco CATOS based switch

Show commands are used as one time commands to show various properties or pieces of information about the current configuration on a system. Before knowing the actual show commands, there are certain fundamental rules to keep in mind; first off, all commands use a command line interface similar to MS DOS. All commands have a distinctive phrase to start them off; in this case it is that show comes before any command you give. Operations and commands vary from device to device; in this instance we are using CATOS Catalyst 6500 commands. Commands must be typed or copied into the interface; they can not be done by pressing a GUI.  Pressing the [enter] key after typing instructs the system to execute the command.

The following is a list of basic show commands on the Catalyst 6500:
show fm features displays information about the general feature manger
show fm inband-counters displays number of inband packets sent by the MSFC for SLB and WCCP
show fm insp displays the list and status of the ACLs and ports on which CBAC is configured
show fm interface displays the detailed information about the feature manager on a per-interface basis
show fm reflexive displays information about the dynamic feature manager reflexive entry
show fm summary displays a summary of feature manager information
show fm vlan displays information about the per-VLAN feature manager
show ip auth-proxy watch-list displays the authentication proxy watch list information
show ip wccp web-cache detail displays statistics for only the 1st packet of a Layer 2 redirected flow
show 13-mgr displays Layer 3 manager information,
show microde displays versions for bundled MCP & LCP images for runtime supervisor engine image
show msfc2 rom-monitor displays the ROMMON region status
show redundancy displays redundancy high-availability setting information
show scp displays SCP information
show slot0: displays information about the slot0: file system
show standby delay displays HSRP information about delay periods
show run
show int

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