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MSN: Creating Secure Chat Connections With SimpLite
If you are transmitting sensitive data in MSN, there’s a way to encrypt the data, and make sure that you keep your information between yourself and the people you are connecting to.  It’s a simple program called SimpLite, and it allows you to generate an encryption key, parties then excahnge keys, and they off to secure communications.

The first thing you’ll need to do, is get SimpLite.  It is available here:

 1. Open the file.  It will named something like SimpLite-MSN-2_2_4-en.msi.
 2. Click “Next”.
 3. Accept the License.
 4. “Next”.
 5. If you want to install to Drive C, click “Next”.
     A. Select the file and path of your choice.
 6. Click “Next”.
 7. After installation, click “Next”.
 8. The Configuration Wizard should begin.
 9. Read the instructions, and click “Next”.
10. Decide how you want chat to appear.
    A. Green is a secure session, red is insecure.
11.  If you know the answer, select your Internet connection method.
    A. SimpLite does a good job if you click “I don’t know”.
12. Choose your messaging client.
    A. Supported clients are:  MSN / Windows Messenger, Trillian, Gaim, and others.
13.Simp will start the key generation wizard automatically.
14. Choose a name for your key pair. We chose the name ‘Private Key’.
15. Under the ‘Type’ of key field you can choose RSA-1024 bits or RSA – 2048 bits.
16. Under the service section you can choose ‘all’ or ‘MSN’.
17. Enter a password.
    A. Leave this blank and you won’t be asked in the future.
    B. As you type your password there is a meter to display your password’s complexity.
18. A key will be created.
19. Click “Next”.
20. Moving your mouse speeds up random number generation.
22. Click


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