Free online virus scanners

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Free Online Virus Scanners

There are many different free online virus scanners.  Two advantages to using them is that you’ll always be using the latest virus update, and your copy of the software is not in danger of being corrupted if you should happen to get a virus.  I will look briefly look at 4 of the more popular versions, and give you my thoughts.

Mcafee FreeScan
McAfee is the best known company on the list, and you can get latest virus information on the newest viusses while you are at their site.  The free online scanner only works with Internet Explorer, though.  Navigating this site can be difficult, which could make it a real problem for a novice user with an infected computer, with no idea what to do.  Another site which linked to the free scanner was found at:

Trend Micro
This site is easy to navigate, and takes you immediately to the start page where a compatibility check is performed.  You may have  to download a kernel for use with the online scanner, but it only takes a moment to get, and then you’re on your way.

In addition to Microsoft IE, Housecall works with Mozilla Firefox.  It also crosses operating systems, as it works in Windows, Linux, and Solaris as well as a Macintosh (running PowerPC and using Firefox).  The link to this site is:

RAV antivirus
RAV is alone in that it will allow you to scan a single file, rather than your whole system.  Perhaps moreso than any of the other choices, RAV can be indispensible for checking downloaded files, or newly acquired disks, because of it’s ability to be so narrowly aimed at a specific location or file.

ActiveScan is touted as the forerunner and industry leader in finding and removing rootkits, one of the newest and more intelligent version of malware prowling the internet.  As with Trend Mirco’s online scanner, this one works fine for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.  It is available by visiting: ')}

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Aug 30, 2008 4:33

I think you missed out the scanners for specific viruses , that is provided by symantec corporation. I think it is the best tool provided to remove latest and more threatening viruses online. Just download it and run it to scan and remove all the traces of a specific virus from the PC.

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