Is It OK To Run Multiple Anti-Spyware Programs?

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I was asked the other day about this subject, and it set me back a bit, because the idea had never crossed my mind. But it is worthy of talking about, because there are a number places out there on the web that will try and trick you into installing spyware by saying what you have is not working.

In many situations, if you have a reputable antivirus program installeld, you already have all of the anti-virus protection you’ll need. Norton and Symantec both include anti-spyware detection, as do freeware and shareware applications, such as AVG Antivirus. When this is enabled on those applications, your computer will be regularly scanned and protected against visures, trojans, and all manner of malware.

Be very wary of a website that opens a window telling you that you need to install some sort of spyware or antivirus because your system is infected. More often than not, a site that does this is trying to install malcious content of their own, and should be avoided.

As far as installing instances of anti-spyware goes. It is possible to do so, but you would suffer twice the system degradation as double the resources would be required for the program to run in the background. Another problem you may encounter is that the two applications would interfere with each other, perhaps to the point of becoming a serious nuisance, as they battled for supremacy on your computer.

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