Easily Install 9 Really Nice Ubuntu themes

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Even though adding themes to Ubuntu is pretty simple to do, most people have no idea how it is done. This is a shame, because there are some nice themes available, including the ones recently posted by the author of ZgegBlog. The problem is, the instructions provided on the site are in french, and I am not. But here is a set of instructions on how to add them, and remember that the process can be modified to add other themes as well.

You’ll need to add a repository into the Software Sources area. This makes for trouble-free installation, and the benefit of notification of all future updates to these themes.

1. Click System >> Administration >> Software Sources.
2. Click on the Third-Party Software Tab.
3. Click Add.
4. Paste one of the following lines, according to your Ubuntu version:
A. Ubuntu 8.10:
deb http://debian.vogelweith.com/ intrepid zgegthemes # Themes of ZgegBlog
B. Ubuntu 8.04:
deb hardy http://debian.vogelweith.com/ zgegthemes # Themes of ZgegBlog
5. Click Add Source.
6. Click Close.
7. Reload
8. Click here to install the themes from the repository you’ve just added.
9. Right-click desktop >> Change Desktop Background
10. Select the Theme Tab
11. Click on the thumbnail of your chosen theme.


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