Google Android System Requirements

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Based on Linux Kernel, Google Android is a special operating system designed for mobile devices that was developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Thanks to the Open handset Alliance, this great little mobile OS came with a handful of useful applications that made the Google Android even more popular.

But in order for you to be able to enjoy this great software on your mobile device, you have to make sure you have the following:

  • 32 MB RAM

  • 32 MB Flash Memory

  • 200 MHz processor

Google Android also comes with the Software Development Kit (SDK), a software for developers using Google Android, which requires the following:

  • Java Development Kit

  • Apache Ant

  • Python 2.2

Google Android was developed with the intent of providing a system that is friendly to developers who want to get creative with their mobile devices. As feedback of current users comes in, this little mobile OS just gets better and better every version release.

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