Intel vs AMD: Which one?

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Getting a new CPU? In your case, which CPU is better: Intel or Advanced Micro Devices? If you’re trying to pick between Intel and AMD, then here are a couple of things to consider:

  1. Primary use. Because it has better video memory and capacity, Intel has more ability to withstand the heavy requirements of videogames and video related tasks. But if you’re more on office work and data processing, then the AMD can definitely handle all that RAM.

  2. Costs & Quality. Intel and AMD both have varying prices depending on their models. Generally, however, the price ranges of Intel products range from $100 to $800, while AMD ranges from $100 to $600. Intel, however, is known to be more durable and reliable. AMD, on the other hand, is starting to release models that are as durable and reliable as its competitor.

  3. Motherboard. Remember that NOT all motherboards can support both Intel and AMD types of processors. If you already have a motherboard, then you most like have no other choice except get the more compatible one between the two. But if you don’t have a motherboard yet or you plan to get a new one, then consider the first two numbers first.

CPUs are but a part of an entire computer, so don’t ever forget to consider everything when making a decision. Always weigh things together and pick out the “best” CPU for your case. And in case you meet in the middle, then either one may do.


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