Five Features of WordPress

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Many online writers and bloggers are actually moving their virtual offices to WordPress today because of its features. Here are some of them:

Free. WordPress costs you nothing. After signing up within less than a few minutes, you already get 3 GB worth of storage at your disposal. Just imagine what publishers could do with that at the cost of nothing.

Statistics. The platform actually facilitates a great statistics system that informs authors of the popularity of each of their work. They can easily tell which articles are more popular than the rest.

Themes. WordPress lets you creatively manage the appearance of your own site with a wide range of appealing and interesting themes. But the best thing about this is that it’s easy to chage your themes from time to time.

Spam. WordPress kills that much unwanted spam and make sure these things stay dead with the help of Akismet – the world’s most popular spam and comm. Trackback technology.

Support. Lastly, you are never alone when you have a questions or experience trouble along the way. There’s customer support, documentation and forums available 24 around the clock.

So if you have WordPress in your fingertips, you can be rest assured that as far as blogging or maintaining websites are concerned, you’re in good hands.



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