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Google Docs and are actually two office applications that can work well together. Google Docs is a web-based office freeware that lets users work on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets online that could be imported, exported and emailed, while is a free versatile offline office suite – sort of like a free version of Microsoft Office, minus some unique features of the latter.

When it comes to Google Docs, you need to be wary of its limitations. And since it doesn’t have any kind of offline counterpart, it’s really difficult if your document gets stuck on the internet. But with the help of an application called “OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs” (OOo2GD) you can download your saved documents from Google Docs and other servers and continue working on them online.

As long as you have Java 6 to make it work, OOo2GD lets you import/export documents, spreadsheets and presentations saved on Google Docs supported formats – an empowering capability from such an easy to get combo of applications.


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