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HTML headline sizes and links

Text size and links to other sites is an important part of learning to write HTML.  Links are how your web page connects to other pages on the internet, and are composed of a URL and optional text.  A link is identified by the <a href=””></a> command.

Adding links to HTML is extremely simple:

<a href=”>This is a link</a>
This is a <a href=”>link</a> contained within text.

The easiest way to change a font size quickly is to use the headline <h1-h10> tags.  Any text between <h1>the tags</h1> are display in that headline size.  This is a browser-side command and works on any web browser used to surf the web.  The headline tags range from <h1>very large</h1> to <h10>small</h10> . The tag can be closed with using </h>, but it’s considered goor HTML form to close a tag exactly as it was opened, to avoid confusion.

Other font adjustments, those using the <font></font> command, are being discontinued in future implementation of HTML standards, and should no long be used.  Instead, setting the font type and color may be done through the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which have proven to be easier and more powerful in a number of ways.  For that reason, the <font> command is no longer being explained, to reduce future confusion. ')}

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Aug 24, 2008 0:35

Heading tags are quite common with web pages. Mostly they are used when CSS rules are defined for a web page. I don’t think anybody use tags much, most common ones are just to below that just becomes too small.

Aug 26, 2008 2:39

It makes a lot of sense to discontinue setting fonts for each page. CSS is clearly the way to go when setting text formats. Specially with sites with multiple pages. You don’t want to be editing each page each time you want a change in text font, size and all that.

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