Intranet and Internet, whats the difference?

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What Is The Difference Between Internet And Intranet?

An intranet is a network which operates on a TCP/IP system, but is generally kept private, forming an in-house internet.  Corporations often use an intranet to create a community information sharing location.  Users can use the intranet to be kept aware of events, deadlines, and company related information.  They may also contribute and share information on this same network, excatly the way it’s done on the internet, using websites and email that are confined within the company. Dailt reports and database data can be accessed this type of network, in both traditional and web-style forms.

The Internet is a vast network of combined computers AND intranets, who are able to communicate beyond a local area and without immediately identifiable connections.  Even though you may be able to touch the cable which leaves your computer before going to the internet, the signals then travel in packets across multiple unconnected routes to their destinations.  Where an intranet is most likely served by a controlled number of servers, the internet constantly has server connections changing, and information becomes routed through new paths to reach their destinations. ')}

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Aug 23, 2008 5:33

This is something I admit I knew of but never really knew for certain and never really bothered looking up. It’s not really something you hear often, the word ‘Intranet.’ So I guess basically it’s like a private website within the company.

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