Simple wordpress upgrade from SSH howto

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cd to the directory of the website you want to upgrade then download wordpress latest release:



cd wordpress

rm -rf wp-config-sample.php wp-content

cd ../

rm -rf rm -rf wordpress index.php license.txt readme.html wp-admin wp-app.php wp-atom.php wp-blog-header.php wp-comments-post.php wp-commentsrss2.php wp-config-sample.php wp-cron.php wp-feed.php wp-includes wp-links-opml.php wp-load.php wp-login.php wp-mail.php wp-pass.php wp-rdf.php wp-register.php wp-rss2.php wp-rss.php wp-settings.php wp-trackback.php xmlrpc.php

cp -r wordpress/* ./

Then go to do the update database and your done! ')}

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