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Normally, your computer will beep once when it begins to boot. This single beep indicates that BIOS has started, and the system appears to be operating correctly. But if there is a problem with your computer, those beeps may indicate a number of other errors.

The beeps at startup can be described as “short,” “long,” and “normal” beeps, and dozens of errors can be diagnosed by understanding the codes for your particular machine. If the computer boots up enough to allow BIOS to load, make a note of the version and manufacturer, and then enter that information into a google search, including “error code chart” in the search phrase.

Exactly what those beeps mean depends on the BIOS manufacturer. AMI BIOS will use different beep codes than Phoenix, for example, and Many manufacturers have their own proprietary BIOS beep codes. Dell and IBM both emply codes that are specific to their own machines, but not all machines by a company will use the same codes.

As noted, the single beep is a computer Green light, and allows the boot process to continue. Most other beep sequences will not be so friendly and will range in effect from a single flashing cursor on the screen, to automatic shutdown, or even directly booting directly into BIOS configuration.

One other quick tip regarding error beeps is that if you add more RAM, your computer may not boot properly the first time it is powered up. Many PCs will beep twice indicating a memory error, and then prompt the user to enter setup. This is a formality, and all you have to do is enter the setup program, and then exit while saving. The new RAM was automatically identified, but many computers require user approval before continuing.


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