Asus Eee PC review

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Mobile ultra subcompact computers –  ASUS Eee PC

Designed with mobile networking in mind, and an eye toward OpenSource software.   It includes a suite of such programs, including Firefox Web Browser, and (OOo), full-featured set of office tools comparable, even interchangeable with, those available in Microsoft Office.  For users of Microsoft Office and IE, the transition to productive use nearly instant.  Communications are enhanced with instant messaging, or Skype Internet calls.  All things considered, it’s an excellent machine for common uses.  The  ASUS Eee PC is an excellent UMPC for households, college students, and business people on the go.

It only contains 4GB of onboard storage, but offers the capability to connect flash drives and other full size equipment. It is versatile in peripheral recognition, and works well with USB mice and keyboards, plus external drives, printers and other USB 2.0 devices.  It offers acceptable performance with 512MB of RAM, and a 1.5Ghz processor.

The ASUS Eee has a couple of other drawbacks, also. The keyboard is confined, and difficult to type at comfortably for long periods, and this machine could have been produced with a higher screen resolution, considering it’s targeted usage.  Priced below $400, you get a dependable UMCP with built-in flexibility and durability.  If price is a consideration, the  ASUS Eee PC is an excellent choice. ')}

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Aug 28, 2008 7:05

It really is a good computer to have if you are always on the go because it’s lighter and smaller. But it has limited storage and usually comes with Celeron processors. I don’t like using Celeron processors, I just hope they can come up with a new version of it using core 2 duo processors.

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