Basic Computer Maintenance Habits

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Nothing ever really lasts. Eventually your computer will get old and give in, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But what you CAN do is to make the most of your computer by making it last longer. Here are some habits that you should develop in order to keep your computer in good shape, inside and out.

  • Defragment regularly. The recommended frequency is monthly. With all the files that you add, delete and move, your drive gets fragmented, affecting performance. Regular defragmentation will help make your computer run faster.
  • Disk Cleanup. Do this every week. There are just some files that need to go because they only clutter up your memory, making it difficult for your more important tasks to run smoothly.
  • Clean your hardware. This is important too. Try to keep some cleaning stuff (like a brush and some rags) beside your computer so that you can just brush off dirt or clean up a mess immediately. But it is also recommended that you do general cleanups with the use of commercial cleaning kits on your hardware.
  • Keep you antivirus active. Don’t rely on automatic alerts to protect your computer. Do on command scans if you have the time – you’ll be surprised at some of the potential viruses that were overlooked by your software. Also have separate virus removers to supplement your antivirus, most of which are downloadable for free online.

These aren’t really tough to do. So keep it up and you and your computer will be fine for a long while.

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