Benefits of a backup UPS battery

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Benefits of having a backup battery for your PC or server

Have you ever been in the middle of writing an important document, and the power flickered?  I’ve watched an hour’s worth of work go down the drain with a power dip that lasted the blink of an eye.  In only takes minor fluctuations in your electric supply to cause serious damage to your computer, as well as losing valuable data.  Through the use of a Battery Backup, or UPS, you are able to minimize the risks.

A UPS, or Uninterruptable Power Supply, keeps your server or workstation operating during a brown or black out.  They usually contain surge suppressors that are fair superior to the ones in ordinary surge suppressing power strips, as well.  And while a battery backup won’t let you keep writing that important document, because the power only lasts for a few minutes, it will let you save that document, and shut the system down to prevent it from being harmed.  You may not be able to continue working, but you haven’t suffered a setback.

Battery backups come in many different sizes, can provide longer use times, depending on the model you invest in, and how many devices the UPS will have to power.  If you are willing to pay the price, there are systems that will allow you to continue operating your server for as long as an hour or more, which is more than suitable for most minor power outages.  The initial cost is a bit prohibitive, but the peace of mind a battery backup can provide is priceless. ')}

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