FileZilla Basics

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FileZilla is a good and easy to use FTP Client, which will allow you to transfer files between local computers and remote servers much better. Here’s a rundown on using the application for the first time:

  • 1.Open FileZilla and a window will open with several smaller windows inside. The one on top will show commands and the one on the left is your computer’s (local computer) window. The right window is for the remote computer. The left and right windows have their own directory windows for you to work with.
  • 2.Go to your webhost for your FTP hostname, username and password. Click on File>Site Manager. A new window will open. Click New Site and an icon will appear in the Select Entry Pane.
  • 3.Enter your site’s name.
  • 4.To the right of that pane, click the General Tab, where you can type in your host name and choose your logon type.
  • 5.Enter your username and password and click connect. The top window will show the command to logon.
  • 6.From here the main window will show some directories. Then you can start transferring between your directory in the local computer window and the new one.

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