Mounting an .ISO or .IMG in Windows

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How To Mount An ISO Or CD Image Using Daemon Tools

It can be an inconvenience to use a CD for some applications or games.  Likewise, some online support forums will provide ISO files for upgrades and applications.  Instead of burning a new CD, you can create a “virtual” drive by mounting the ISO file. Essentially, this means that the file is translated into a “sub” drive on your system.  One of the best programs to mount an ISO is called “Daemon Tools”, and can be found at this website:

Once you have installed Daemon Tools, an icon will appear in the System Tray, which is the area near your clock at the lower right corner of the screen.  With that in place, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the Daemon Tools icon
2. Click “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM”
3. Go to “Set number of devices” and set it to “1”.
A. The virtual drive will be assigned an identifier, such as “Drive E”
4. Right click on the icon and select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM >> Device 0: >> Mount image.
5. Brose to the desired ISO.
6. Click “Open”.

To watch a video of how this is done, please visit:

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