Nokia N810 review

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Nokia N810 – Compact Tablet Computer

The smallest of Nokia’s tablet computers to date, the N810 adds a more streamlined design than previous models. With a sliding keyboard which includes a directional pad, and most of the buttons moved off of the face of the unit, it is an attractive ultra small pocket computing device.  The speakers have been placed on the sides as well, and external jacks for headphones and USB connection are available.

On the surface is ambient light sensor which can control the the brightness and backlighting to improve visibility.  There’s also an event light which flashes in different colors to indicate various meanings.  The webcam, though, is mounted onto the face, rather than the formerly side-placed cam which could be rotated.

On the inside, it offers an effective 400Mhz clock speed, through the optimization of OS2008. The internal memory seems to be limited to 2Gb, but the unit also allows  the use of MiniSD cards for external storage.  The built-in GPS receiver requires a significant amount of the onboard memory.  These tablets have 128MB of DDR RAM and 256MB of flash memory.  There is only a small reduction in display size from the earlier N800, and offers an impressive 800×400 resolution.

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