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Mobile ultra subcompact computers – OQO

A little more expensive than its competitors the OQO is perhaps the closest imitation of a full-sized laptop in UMPC form.  It’s operating speed is comparable to what could be expected in a larger machine, and it offers such productivity enhancements as Microsoft Office Small Business Edition, allowing an easy transition between office and travel requirements.  The OQO connects easily to other equipment via the docking base.  The base includes 3 USB ports, LAN port, and headphone jack, including external video using VGA or HDMI.  Different docking base versions have DVD/CD-RW, or DVD burner.

With a 60GB hard drive, using platter drive technology, and available in 2GB or 512MB, they are able to operate under Vista and XP Pro.  Weighing in at only about one pound, these are as close as you are likely to see in direct migration from desktop/laptop to UltraMiniature PCs.  What it gives up in overall speed is more than compensated in sheer flexibility.  The most important drawback may be the short battery duration, which will require charging throughout the day in professional work environments.

The OQO is intended to imitate an office desktop environment, expressly for portability and transition into a mobile workspace.  This alone helps to offset the higher cost of the UMPC, as productivity is increased. ')}

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