Scheduling your Performance Monitoring

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Once you have gotten used to running performance logs and have eventually become familiar with its features, you will want to be able to use the perfmon.exe function in your computer on a regular basis such that it serves your needs.

Some people, especially those maintaining computers in the office would normally set the program to run at a particular time in the morning – say when office hours start – and end when everybody goes home. But there are also some people who run logs at a different time frame because their work hours are different. Further still, some people choose to have their logs run 24 hours a day.

By running your schedules at a larger time frame means you can spot network bottlenecks easily compared to other time frames. For example, sometimes the problems actually occur at night time when computers are doing back up – something you won’t spot until you get logs at this time of the night.

But choosing a schedule for your logs to run in isn’t easy because you have to be careful that the logs don’t mess up your computer (which would be ironic because this is supposed to help you). You have to make sure that your computer can handle all the disk space it will be using up.

The best thing to do is to estimate the number of hours you will have your logs running and then take a test drive of an hour. Check how much disk space is consumed after the log and multiply that with the number of hours. From here you just have to make sure you have cleared enough space for the logs to run smoothly.

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