The difference between laser and inkjet printers

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Printers: What’s The Difference Between Laser and inkjet Printers?

Inkjet Printers
Inkjet printers use liquid ink.  The cartridges tend to be smaller than their laser counterparts, but also have a lower printing capacity.  The cartridges are usually smaller than toner cartridges by more than half, and are less expensive to buy.  Keep in mind, though, that toner cartridges last longer.  Inkjet provides sharp image printing, but pages must be allowed to dry before handling, or smudging may occur.  Lastly, inkjet printers have lower average off-the-shelf costs.

Laser Printers
Laser printers operate at about the same speed as inkjets for only a page or two, but once they have warmed up, their speed increases, making their overall print speed faster.  Speed, though, comes at a price.  Laser printers average a bt higher in price, as do the toner cartridges which they use.  Where inkjets use liquid ink, laser printers normally use a drier, powdery ink, or toner.

Which is Best?
If the economics are your only, or primary, concern, then an inkjet is most likely the best choice for your uses.  If high quality and fast printing are more important, a laser printer is best suited to deliver.  Both types have relatively long usage spans, and require very little maintenance.  As with so many products in the computer field, which one is best for your use will depend on your specific usage and needs. ')}

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