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Printers can be costly to operate. Toner can be expensive, if you have a lot of printing to do, it can add up quickly. But there are some tips that can reduce your costs, including changing your printers settings, or simply double-checking the work.

Proof the Product

Read through the document at least once before printing it. If possible, allow the article to sit for a while before you check it, because your brain can fool your eye if you immediately complete the document and then proof read it.

Print Preview

Using Print Preview allows you to see what the copy will look like, to be sure you have it right before sending it off to the printer. This is your last chance to double-check the document and prevent wasted toner and paper.

Printer Properties

Set your printer properties to “Normal” or 300dpi. This provides clear printing without overusing the printer toner. If you are printing highly detailed images, don’t forget to set the printer resultion back to it’s “Best” quality setting. For print jobs of low importance, use the “Draft” mode, which uses the least amount of toner, but provides a lower quality level.

Color Vs Monochrome

Unless there is a specific reason to use color, set your printer to black and white printing. The toner or ink cartridges are around half the price, and color is not required for 99% of all print jobs.

Buy Bulk

You may be able to save even more by purchasing the cartridges in bulk. Many office supply shops will offer a discount on quantity purchases. Buy recommended replacements, not generic brands. All cartridges are not created equal, and some will not function properly, or provide the correct color representations.


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