Remove Duplicate Outlook Calendar Entries

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With all the versions that Microsoft Outlook has gone through over the years, you’d think that (1) they’d notice this unusual duplication glitch that bothers a lot of their users, and (2) they would finally develop its own duplicate removal tool that could be downloaded off the internet (assuming that they have a reason why they wouldn’t fix the duplication problem in the first place).

Unfortunately, no operating system manufacturer is perfect, so there are some problems – like this one – that we have to fix on our own. So here’s how to manually get rid of all those duplicate calendar entries:

Switch to calendar view and go to Tools > Advanced Find/Instant Search (depending on your version of Outlook). Set the “Look for” field to “Appointments and Meetings” and then click “Find now”. As the results come out sort everything by subject (this should be easy). From there, you have to select each and every duplicate and then delete them. It’s easy and free, right?

But what if you’ve got bulks of duplicated stuff in your calendar? The good news is there are lots of smart people who made software that could help you do the cleaning up for you, but chances are they’re not for free. But if they are, you might want to think twice if the stuff is safe. But at least now you have your options. ')}

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