Optimum Resolutions for Monitors

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Back then it was so easy to pick out the right resolution for your computer screens simply because there were few choices to go through and these choices were more or less compatible with any kind of monitor.
But technology has led us to want to be able to see more things on your screen, so wider screens were invented and eventually higher resolutions had to be made to sustain those big screens. But this led to the misconception that the higher resolution you have in the better, which isn’t exactly correct, especially if you have a regular size computer screen.
But is there such a thing as too much resolution? YES! Generally, stretching your monitor’s horizons will cause smaller and harder to see things. If you have a small monitor and insist on high res settings, your icons will be small and its captions will probably be impossible to read. Menus will look a bit off and difficult to navigate through.
So here is a list of some screen sizes and their ideal resolutions:

  • 15-inch laptop: 1280×800
  • Standard 19-inch screen: 1280×1204
  • Standard 22-inch screen: 1680×1050
  • Standard 24-inch screen: 1920×1200

Based on this list, people who are on a tight budget should go for the 19-inch screens and stick to its optimum resolution. ')}

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