Using CCleaner For System Maintenance

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If you haven’t done so yet, this is a great time to check out the 4 minute introductory tutorial to the CCleaner application. In addition to cleaning up you cache and history, this program can also analyze your system registry and look for potential problems.

When operating the Cleaner tool, you can select which system applications to clean up, and what cleaning actions to take. This lets you delete certain Internet Explorer items, but not everything, such as purging your system cookies.

The Issues tool performs a system checkup, looking for incorrect or incomplete registry entries, corrupt data and other minor inconsistencies that can turn into a major problem if not corrected.

For a well rounded system maintenance tool, CCleaner is the best one on the market today, and provides some of the most comprehensive testing and diagnostics available. If you’re interested, you can Download CCleaner Here.

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