Rogers and Fido GPRS and WAP settings

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As we all know Fido doesn’t really have good smart phones so its a little cumbersome when we buy an unlocked phone and try to connect to the internet and get email.  Here are the basic WAP and GPRS/3G settings for both Rogers and Fido

For Fido:

Account 1:
Name: FidoWAP
User: fido
password: fido

Account 2:
Name: FidoINT
user: fido
password: fido
then, to set up WAP, create a Wap profile with the following:

Name: Fido
Connect using:

user: fido

password: fido


session mode: permanent
connection security: off
data bearer: GPRS

GPRS connection: when needed
GPRS access point:
IP address:
authentication type: normal
login type:automatic

For Rogers Wireless:

Setting’s name: Rogers
Session Mode: Permanent
Connection Security: Off
Data bearer: GPRS
GPRS access point:
IP Address:
Auth Type: Normal
Login Type: Automatic
User Name: wapuser1

Password: wap ')}

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