Wireless Keyboards: Infrared vs. Bluetooth

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When choosing your wireless keyboard there are actually so many things to consider, and this includes the medium used for wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth or infrared. This, of course, is not always the deciding factor because there might be other perks of the choice that will make you overlook less significant downsides to a particular keyboard.

But let’s discuss the wireless keyboards in terms of Bluetooth and infrared, assuming that all other factors are equal.

Infrared keyboards are, hands down, much cheaper than the Bluetooth ones. They are relatively easy to set up and they can be used at a fair distance so long as they stay within the line of sight of the infrared connector. The downside is that you can’t take it beyond what the computer can see because it will go out of its line of sight.

While Bluetooth keyboards are more expensive, you don’t have problems with line of sight as well as connectivity in general. You can practically bring your keyboard around at a fair distance without worrying about solid objects that might obstruct the connection between the device and the host computer.

The battle between infrared and Bluetooth keyboards is that of a classic cost-benefit one. Are you willing to pay more for Bluetooth’s connectivity, or would you rather have the cheaper infrared one? This is up to you to decide.

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