Commercial grade Linux monitoring systems

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Overview of commercial grade linux network monitoring systems

Linux has been a long time producer of open source, free or low cost, programs, servers, monitoring applications, and operating systems. Linux has come out with a number of commercial grade applications that either meet or exceed the capabilities of applications released by major companies such as Cisco and Microsoft. One of the network monitoring systems Linux has released is Nagios. Nagios is feature rich with many feature needed of a network monitoring service. It can monitor network services in many platforms, (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING), monitor host resources such as processors and log files, as well as define network host hierarchy. Nagios is free to download from

Another network monitoring program Linux released is Zabbix. Zabbix also claims to be feature rich and is also open source and available for free download from  Zabbix offers distributed monitoring; centralized access to all information and support for up to 1000 nodes. Web monitoring is another feature in which Zabbix offers flexible scenarios as well as support for POST and GET methods. Zabbix has the high performance and ease of use that can be expected from Linux products. ')}

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