What is the most popular Linux?

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What is the most popular version of Linux and the most popular Linux Distribution?

Linux has come out with many versions over the years. These versions vary from easy user interfaces to complicated versions where a lot of learning is required to use. Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and MEPIS are the easiest user friendly versions that can be mastered in little time by novice users.  ON the other hand, Slackware Linux, Gentoo Linux, and FreeBSD are very complicated and can take a lot of time to master. Doing a Google search for most popular Linux distribution reveals that by far Ubuntu is voted the by most users as the most popular version out to date.

Ubuntu was first released in 2004 and it quickly became the most popular version.  Ubuntu is famed for having a very easy to use interface while still competing with many of the commercial systems available today. It has a web based infrastructure with Wiki-style documentation, innovative bug-reporting, and still maintains a very professional approach. Ubuntu has an every six month release schedule making its updates very timely and predictable. A downside of the program however, is that it is not compatible with Debian. Ubuntu is shipped free on CD to all interested users. ')}

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