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Common hotkeys in FrontPage to help you be more productive

FrontPage is a full-featured HTML editor.  In addition to common text file editing, many other functions are included, such as table layouts, and a complete list of HTML tags.  Below are the keystrokes required to perform almost any command available in FrontPage.  For page designers, knowing these hotkeys will greatly increase performance and productivity.
Common Tasks

F8    Run the accessibility checker.
Ctrl+N    Create a new Web Page.
Ctrl+O    Open a Web Page.
Ctrl+F4    Close a Web Page.
Ctrl+S    Save a Web Page.
Ctrl+P    Print a Web Page.
F5    Refresh a Web Page or Folder List in Split view.
    Refresh Code view changes in Design view.
Ctrl+Tab    Switch between open Web Pages.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab   Switch between open Web Pages in reverse order.
Ctrl+Shift+B   Preview a Web Page in a Web browser.
Alt+F4    Quit Microsoft FrontPage.
Ctrl+ Shift+8   Display nonprinting characters.
Ctrl+ /    Display HTML tags in Design view.
Ctrl+F     Find text or HTML on a Web Page.
F3    Find the next occurrence of the most recent search.
Shift+F3    Find the previous occurrence of the most recent search.
Ctrl+F3    Find the next occurrence of the current selection.
Ctrl+Shift+F3   Find the previous occurrence of the current selection.
Ctrl+H    Replace text or HTML on a Web Page.
F7    Check spelling on a Web Page.
Shift+F7    Look Up a word in the thesaurus.
ESC    Cancel an action.
Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace  Undo an action.
Ctrl+Y or Shift+Alt+Backspace  Redo or repeat an action.
Alt+F6    Move through open dialog boxes.
Alt+Shift+F6   Move through open dialog boxes in reverse order.
Delete    Delete a Web Page or folder in Folder List or dialog boxes.
Backspace    Move Up one level.
Access and use views

F12    Preview the current Page in a Web browser.
Ctrl+Page Down or Ctrl+Page Up Move between Code, Design, Split, and Preview views.
Alt+Page Down or Alt+Page Up  Move between Code and Design panes in Split view.
Alt+F1    Show or hide the Folder List.
F2    Rename the currently selected file in the Folder List.
Ctrl+J    Check out the currently selected file in the Folder List.
Ctrl+Shift+J   Check in the currently selected file in the Folder List.
Up, Down, Left, or Right Arrow  In links view, move through link nodes.
Shift+Right Arrow   Expand current node and move to Right in links view.
Shift+Left Arrow   Expand current node and move to Left in links view.
Ctrl+T    Move through AutoFilter column settings in Reports view.

Work with coding tools

Ctrl+Q    Quick tag editor.
Ctrl+F2    Insert temporary bookmark.
F2    Next temporary bookmark.
Shift+F2    Previous temporary bookmark.
Ctrl+G    Go to line.
Ctrl+L    AutoComplete.
Ctrl+ENTER   Insert code snippet.
Ctrl+.    Insert end tag.
Ctrl+,    Insert start tag.
Ctrl+/    Insert HTML comment.
Ctrl+Space   Complete word.
Ctrl+:    Select tag.
Ctrl+;    Find matching tag.
Ctrl+’    Select block.
Ctrl+[    Go to definition of function.
Ctrl+]     Find matching brace.
Format text and paragraphs

Ctrl+Shift+F   Change the font.
Ctrl+Shift+P   Change the font size.
Ctrl+B    Apply bold formatting.
Ctrl+U    Apply an underline.
Ctrl+I    Apply italic formatting.
Ctrl++(Plus)   Apply superscript formatting.
Ctrl+=    Apply subscript formatting.
Ctrl+ Shift+C   Copy formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+V   Paste formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Space  Remove manual formatting.
Ctrl+E    Center a paragraph.
Ctrl+L    Left align a paragraph.
Ctrl+R    Right align a paragraph.
Ctrl+M    Indent a paragraph from the Left.
Ctrl+ Shift+M   Indent a paragraph from the Right.
Ctrl+ Shift+S   Apply a style
Ctrl+Shift+ N    Apply the Normal style.
Ctrl+Alt+1   Apply the Heading 1 style.
Ctrl+Alt+2   Apply the Heading 2 style.
Ctrl+Alt+3   Apply the Heading 3 style.
Ctrl+Alt+4   Apply the Heading 4 style.
Ctrl+Alt+5   Apply the Heading 5 style.
Ctrl+Alt+6   Apply the Heading 6 style.
Ctrl+ Shift+L   Apply the List style.
Edit and move text and graphics

Backspace    Delete one character to the Left.
Delete    Delete one character to the Right.
Ctrl+Backspace   Delete one word to the Left.
Ctrl+Delete   Delete one word to the Right.
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert   Copy text or graphics.
Ctrl+X or Shift+Delete  Cut selected text to the Microsoft Office Clipboard.
Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert   Paste the Clipboard contents.
Shift+ENTER   Insert a line break.
Ctrl+Shift+Space   Insert a non-breaking space.

Select text and graphics

Shift+Right Arrow   Move one character to the Right.
Shift+Left Arrow   Move one character to the Left.
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow  Go to the end of a word.
Ctrl+Shift +Left Arrow  Go to the beginning of a word.
Shift+END   Go to the end of a line.
Shift+HOME   Go to the beginning of a line.
Shift+Up Arrow   Move one line Up.
Shift+Down Arrow   Move one line Down.
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow  Go to the end of a paragraph.
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow   Go to the beginning of a paragraph.
Shift+Page Down   Move one screen Down.
Shift+Page Up   Move one screen Up.
Ctrl+A    Select the entire Page.
Alt+ENTER   Display the properties of a selection.

Work with Tables, graphics, and links

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+T   Insert a Table.
Tab    Select the next Table cell’s content.
Shift+Tab    Select the preceding Table cell’s content.
Shift+ Left or Right Arrow  Extend a selection to adjacent cells in a row.
Shift+ Up or Down Arrow  Select a column.
Ctrl +T    With the graphic selected, create an auto thumbnail.
Ctrl+K    Create a link on a Web Page. ')}

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