Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office Live

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Which would you choose: Google’s Google Docs or Microsoft’s Office Live Space? There’s really no hard and fast rule on this issue, but a short comparison of the features might help in case-to-case bases.

Storage Space. Office Live promises 500 MB of disk space. Google Docs, on the other hand, gives users a total of 5000 documents, presentations and images as well as 1000 spreadsheets. Whichever limit is more appealing depends on the user.

File Compatibles. Google Docs gives you HTML, .rtf, .doc, .txt, .odt, .ods, .csv, .xls, .tsv, .tsb, .ppt and .pps. As for Live Office, they let you have your way with lots of stuff including .pdf files and their kind.

Size Limits. Google Docs limits its file sizes with fixed numbers of bytes per file type. For example, documents can have as much as 500 K and 2 MB allotments for images. As for Office Live, regardless of file type, allows a max 25 MB limit.

Batch Uploads. While Google Docs originally allows upload one-by-one, additional applications can do batch drag and drop uploads. Live Office, however, allow batch uploads, but this feature is limited to Internet Explorer.

These are just some of the general features of the two applications being compared. You can find out more by checking them out yourself. But as to which one is better, it’s all up to every user’s priorities.

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