Cisco: PC Connection Guide

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Here’s how to connect your PC to your Cisco Router or Switch using the cable and adapter that comes with the device:

  1. If it isn’t done yet (as in the case of one piece kits), connect your RJ 45 adapter with the 9 pin which then goes to the COM 1 port. Insert the RJ 45 cable’s connector to the console port with the supplied rollover cable.

  2. Execute HyperTerminal to start the session. After naming the session, select COM 1 as your port under the “connect using” section.

  3. Make the proper configurations (HyperTerminal, 9600-8-n-1):

    1. Baud: 9600

    2. Data bits: 8

    3. Stop bits: 1

    4. Parity: No

    5. Flow control: No

  4. Turn Cisco on to see HyperTerminal’s boot process. Press ENTER.

  5. Now you’re in User Mode. Type “?” (without quotes) in the router> prompt to see a list of available commands.

  6. To start making changes, type “en” or “enable” and then press ENTER to go to Privileged Mode.

  7. The same goes for the router# prompt: “?” for the list but this time type “config” to make changes. To go back, to Privileged Mode press ctrl+z.

  8. Type “disable” and you’ll go back to User Mode. Then type “exit” to log out.

For a more detailed explanation on the configurations and tweaking, go this Cisco website.



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