Importing SSL certificates for outlook rpc over https

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When you are connecting to Outlook rpc/https either via Outlook on your desktop or rpc/https over your windows mobile phone, you will need to import the certificate file.  This can easily be done by connecting to the https through your web browser and then importing and saving the certificate from there.  Here are the steps:


Importing the certificate for Outlook/desktop/laptop

1) First connect to your exchange OWA (Outlook web access):

you will then be asked to accept or reject the certificate, here you will choose to accept the certificate. 

2) For IE 6 Next you will see a little lock symbol in the bottom right of your web browser.

– Double click the Lock symbol

– In the General Tab you will click on a button called “Install certificate”

– A wizard will now come up click Next –> Next –> Finish –> OK –> OK

3) For IE 7 in the top bar beside the url box (right) you will see a “certificate error”

– Click on the “certificate error” –> View certificates –> Install Certificate –> Next –> Next –> Yes –> Finish –> OK –> OK


Importing the certificate for Windows Mobile

You will need to save the certificate from the web browser, save it to the mobile device and then install it there.

1) IE6 you will once again go to the web browser and go to the OWA

2) double click on the lock –> Details Tab –> Copy to file button –> Next –> Next –> type in a file name such as –> Next –> Finish –> OK –> OK

3) Plug in your Windows mobile phone via USB –> Double click the icon called “mobile device”  –> Locate the certificate file called (should have saved to your local desktop) –> Drag and drop the certificate file to the phone.

4) On the phone go to Start –> File Explorer –> My Documents –> use your stylus (or if no stylus use the arrow key) to select the certificate file.  The certificate will now be installed


For more information you should also look at the article “Connecting outlook to RPC over HTTPS” ')}

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