Importing PST files to Outlook

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Outlook 2003/2007 importing a pst file

Keeping a backup of your personal folders in Outlook is important.  Even if you never need to import one, you’ll at least be assured that you don’t lose untold amounts of information via unexpected computer malfunctions.  We recommend keeping all back up data on a CD or DVD, and that this data is verified when written.  Also, after importing a file a CD/DVD, be CERTAIN to remove the read only attribute setting.  without making this change, the file cannot be used properly.

In a worst case, scenario, these files can be restored to Outlook. While we hope you never have a reason to use the following information, a set of steps for restoring a .pst file is given below.  These steps assume that you have already loaded Outlook, and it is your current top window.

1. Click File >> Import And Export.
2. Click “Import from another program or file”
3. Click “Next”
4. Click “Personal Folder File”
5.  Click “Next”
6. Type the path and filename to import (ex. E:outlook_backupmyfile.pst)
7. Click “Next”
8. Select the folder to import, or select the top of the hierarchy to import the whole thing
9. Click “Finish”

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