Outlook hotkeys and shortcuts

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Common hotkeys in Outlook to help you be more productive

By learning the hotkeys used in Outlook, you’ll find that you are able to get more done in less time.  As you’ll notice in looking over the following list, a great many of the commands used in Outlook Express are duplicated as hotkeys.

Outlook Express Hotkeys
NOTE: Alt = Left-hand Alt key only

TAB                                  Move between Inbox list, Preview Pane, Address &  Folder list
TAB                                  Read a message from the Inbox list
Ctrl + M                            Send and receive e-mails
Delete                               Delete an Inbox e-mail message
Ctrl + N                            Open or post a new message
Alt S or Ctrl + ENTER     Send a message
Shift + Control + B           Open the Address Book
Ctrl + R                             Reply to the message
Ctrl + F                             Forward the message
Ctrl + I                              Go to your Inbox list of messages
Ctrl + >                             Go to the next message in the list
Ctrl + <                             Go to the previous message in the list
Ctrl + U                             Go to the next unread message
Ctrl Y                                Go to a folder
Ctrl ENTER                      Mark a message as read
ESCAPE                           Close a message
F3                                      Find text
Ctrl + Shift + F                  Find a message
Ctrl + TAB                        Switch between Edit, Source and Preview Tabs
Ctrl + K                             Check names
F7                                      Check spelling
Ctrl + Shift + S                  Insert signature ')}

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