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Common Hotkeys In Publisher To Help You Be More Productive

The following list of hotkeys for Publisher can also be found in the Help Index of Publisher.  Many of these shortcuts are standard across the Windows platform, while others are specific only to Publisher.  

Formatting Paragraphs
Ctrl+1               Single-space lines
Ctrl+2               Double-space lines
Ctrl+5               Space lines 1.5 lines
Ctrl+E              Center a paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+X    Delete a selected text frame or table frame containing text
Ctrl+J               Justify selected text
Ctrl+L              Align at the left margin
Ctrl+R              Align at the right margin
Ctrl+0               Remove line spacing before a paragraph
Ctrl+Q              Return a paragraph to teh formatting of the current text style
Shift+Enter       End one line and begin another without starting a new paragraph

Deleting, Cutting and Pasting
Delete                          Delete a selected text frame or table frame,
                                     If no text selected, delete one character to right of cursor
Ctrl+Shift+X                Delete a selected text frame or table frame containing text
Ctrl+Delete                  Delete next word
Ctrl+Backspace           Delete previous word
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert   Copy selected object
Ctrl+V or Shift Insert   Paste cut or copied object
Ctrl+Shift+C                Copy formatting
Ctrl+Shift+V                Paste formatting

Adding Breaks or Hyphens
ENTER                        Begin a new paragraph
Shift+Enter                   Start a new line but not a new paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+Enter          End one column of text and begin a new column
Ctrl+Shift+Space         Add a non-breaking space
Ctrl+Shift+0(zero)       Add a zero width non-breaking space
Ctrl+-                           Add an optional hyphen
Ctrl+Shift+H                Add or remove hyphens automatically
Ctrl+Enter                    Insert a frame break
Ctrl+Tab                      Insert a tab in a table cell

Changing and Nudging Objects
Ctrl+D                            Add a shadow
Ctrl+T                            Make transparent or opaque
Ctrl+G                            Group or Ungroup objects
F6                                   Bring to front
Shift+F6                          Send to back
Alt+Shift+Plus                Expand text below a heading
Alt+Arrow Keys             To nudge
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow    Rotate clockwise 5 degrees
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow      Rotate anticlockwise 5 degrees

Adding and Viewing Pages
Ctrl+Shift+N       Add a page after the current page
F9                        Move between current page view and actual size view
Ctrl+M                Move between the background and foreground page
F5                       Go to page …
Shift+F5              Go to next page
Ctrl+F5               Go to previous page
PgUp                   Move up within a page
PgDn                   Move down within a page
Ctrl+PgDn           Scroll to the right
Ctrl+PgUp           Scroll to the left
Ctrl+Shift+Y       Hide or show special characters
Ctrl+W                Snap to Guides
Ctrl+Shift+O       Show or hide boundaries and guides

Undoing and Redoing
 – (Ctrl+Z)           Undo previous actions
 – (Ctrl+Y)           Redo previous action ')}

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