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If you want to view saved documents of Microsoft Word despite the fact that you don’t have Microsoft Office or any of its individual applications installed into your computer (perhaps because you’re using incompatible OS or can’t purchase a license yet), you can easily download the Word Viewer. This application lets your view and print MS Word documents without MS Word installed in your computer.

The latest version of this application is Word Viewer 2003, which helps users view MS Word 2003 files without the compatible application. It’s an easy single step to downloading the new word viewer – you just need to visit the following Microsoft Web site. For other versions of the Word viewer, you can also go here, which is also part of the Microsoft website.

Note, Microsoft 97-2000 Word Viewer isn’t available for download anymore. Instead, if you need that application you just need to download the 2003 version mentioned above, which is compatible with all earlier versions.


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