Anticipating Internet Explorer 9

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It hasn’t been long since Internet Explorer 8 has been available and functioning and people are already thinking about Internet Explorer 9. While it isn’t really the time to forget the wonderful things that the IE 8 promises its loyal consumers when it opens to the public fully, the major concerns of jumping to its ninth remake greatly reflect the interests of these consumers.

One thing is for sure, though: the guys over at Microsoft are still working on the Internet Explorer 8. And with all the great features this browser already has, the IE 8.x series can only get better.

But if there’s ever going to be an IE 9, people are hoping that it’ll be easy to update from its precedent versions. But since Windows 7 is meant for 2010 and subsequent versions of IE 8 (like IE 9) will be within 2009, IE 9 will naturally be meant to maximize browsing capacity in Windows 7.


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