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Have you been to loyal to the Internet Explorer and all its wonderful browsing features? Then you’ll definitely want to check out the Internet Explorer 8’s new features. While in short they’ve made the browser faster, easier and safer than ever, here are some of the specific additions to the browser:

  1. Accelerators. IE 8 actually has a couple of accelerators that will help you do a wide range of browsing activity in just one click. Just imagine emailing your friends and translating words with just one click.

  2. InPrivate Browsing. IE’s making sure your browsing history remains your secret. So whether you’re using a public computer or one that runs on network, you won’t have to worry.

  3. Web Slices. With Web Slices you don’t have to go to your favorite website again and again. Your favorites bar can let you peek into these sites for updates easily.

  4. Search suggestions. Easy searching. Who wouldn’t want that?

  5. Smart Screen Filter. Browsing can’t be any safer with IE blacklisting notorious sites and warning you about them.

So have a look at the Internet Explorer 8 and learn more about the things you can enjoy with this classic browser.


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