Google Chrome 2.x

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Got the new Google Chrome 2.x? After hitting the World Wide Web a little over a month ago, Google Chrome jumps from version 1.x to 2.x. Here are a couple of things you might like to hear about this particular version:

  1. New Webkit version – The new version of Webkit now supports a couple of useful things, including CSS gradients and CSS canvas drawing as well as full page zoom and autoscroll.

  2. WinHTTP support – Yes, Google has its own version of HTTP, and now its new browser is supporting it. The WinHTTP library is currently being worked on but it’ll soon be available for Mac and Linux, which means that the support feature will come in handy.

  3. HTTPS only mode – Google’s unique security measures feature the HTTPS browsing only mode. While in this mode only website with good SSL certificates will work. Talk about high-end security!

With all this plus the very much loved lightweight character of the browser, it looks as if Google Chrome is slowly coming into top and competitive shape.


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