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In case you haven’t heard, Google’s web browser, Chrome, is here to stay. One person even told me that they considered Chrome to be a power user’s web brower, which almost makes sense, except that Google Chrome is not a web browser so much as a web interface. Regardless of that debate, we hunted up some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts, because using any application effectively is the first step to making it a productive session.

Here are a few common shortcuts for Google Chrome:

  • Control + O: Opens a new file dialog
  • Control + A: Selects all
  • Control + D: Bookmarks the current page
  • Control + F: Finds words on the current page.
  • Control + G  Opens the “last found” dialog,
  • Control + H: Opens browser history.
  • Control + J: Opens downloads history. This is a special browser page.
  • Control + K: Starts context in address bar with a ? to indicate a query.
  • Control + l: Sets context in address bar
  • Control + P: Prints
  • Control + U: Views source, using the view-source protocol
  • Control + T: Opens a new tab
  • Control + R: Refreshes
  • Control + B: Opens up a new space on your browser bar, showing bookmarks
  • Control + N: Opens a new window set to the home page of the browser

If you haven’t experienced Google yet, it is definitely worth taking a look at. Designed to be Web 2.0 compatible, Chrome offers a number of features and perks not found with other browsers. Be aware, however, that Chrome is not compatible with most plug-ins currently available, but this is a start-up issue, and is expected to be corrected in the near future.


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