IE7 keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys

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Internet Explorer 7: Helpful Hotkeys

In order to get the most out of your browser, it is helpful to know the Hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts.  These keystroke sequences, once learned, will save time, and promote productivity.  While many of the following Hotkeys are specific to IE7, quite a few are also used widely across most Windows compatible software.

F11    Toggle Full Screen Mode On/Off
Tab    Cycle through the Address Bar, Refresh button, Search Box
    Also cycles through items on a web page
Ctrl+F    Find a word or phrase
Ctrl+N    Open the current web page in a new window
Ctrl+P    Print the page
Ctrl+A    Select all items on the page
Ctrl++    Zoom in
Ctrl+-    Zoom out
Ctrl+0    Zoom to 100%

Navigation shortcuts:
Alt+Home   Go to Home page
Alt+Left   Go backward
Alt+Right   Go forward
F5    Refresh page
Ctrl+F5   Refresh page and the cache
ESC    Stop Downloading page

Favorites Center shortcuts:
Ctrl+I    Open Favorites
Ctrl+Shift+I   Open Favorites in pinned mode
Ctrl+B    Organize Favorites
Ctrl+D    Add current page to Favorites
Ctrl+J    Open Feeds
Ctrl+Shift+J   Open Feeds in pinned mode
Ctrl+H    Open History
Ctrl+Shift+H   Open History in pinned mode

Tab shortcuts:
Ctrl+Left mouse button Open link in new background Tab
Ctrl+Shift+Left button Open link in new foreground Tab
Ctrl+W   Close Tab (or window if only one Tab is open)
Ctrl+Q Open    Quick Tab view
Ctrl+T    Open new Tab
Ctrl+Tab   Switch to next Tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab  Switch to previous Tab

Address Bar shortcuts:
Alt+D    Select the Address Bar
Alt+ENTER   Open Address Bar URL in new Tab
F4    View previously typed addresses

Instant Search Box:
Ctrl+E    Select the Instant Search Box
Ctrl+Down   View list of search providers
Alt+ENTER   Open search results in new Tab ')}

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