Three Great Apps for Firefox 4

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Looks like Mozilla Firefox isn’t getting left behind in the browser popularity race. After being hailed with the Guinness Book of Records with the most downloads in one day, this browser holds up to its quality as a browser with its top three featured applications in the new Firefox 4:

  1. Prism. This application allows users to take out web applications from the browser and put them into their desktop for easy access. This easy access through separation can only be empowering for the multi-tasker.

  2. Weave. Particular information on a previously visited website into one bundle. Now you can access your bookmarks, home pages, saved passwords and other data from other computers that have Mozilla Firefox.

  3. Geode. While this little application isn’t’ really browsing related, the Geode lets users point out locations on the map and track your location through GPS.

This is only a taste of what the new version of Firefox can do. Right now, all we can do is wait until it is released next year.


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