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They say that Windows 7 was actually made out of the feedback of the users of the OS’ predecessors. Now it’s got lots of brand new features that are meant to heed to its patrons’ needs. Here are a few things that have been confirmed:

Improved Taskbar.
Apparently the taskbar has been made more convenient for everyone. Icons are now much easier and faster to arrange and thumbnails pop out from each upon highlight to make organizing much easier.

Jump Lists.
Everything’s within a click’s reach now because the start menu because of its jump list features. You can even pin files and folders you especially want to be within reach when you want to.

Fun Windows.
Now you get more from your clicks because you can minimize and maximize windows with a click and, upon command, render them transparent so you can see your other icons on the desktop.

Internet Explorer 8.
A much better and more user-friendly internet explorer. That means more information with less effort.

Better Device Manager. No more mazes of multiple folders! Your devices can be managed all in one window. That includes adding, editing and removing the devices in your computer.

Windows Live.
A better Windows deserves a better set of applications. You can download an entire set of free applications compatible with Windows such as the new and improved versions of the Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.

Windows 7 is definitely worth looking into. While one can never say if they did the changes right, it’s up to you to say if your feedback about the past Windows versions was really heard.


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